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By Les Vogt – CEO of Legends of Rock & Roll

For over 35 Years, Canadian born, Dennis Compo has produced an impressive array of successful stage shows for Major Markets in Canada, United States, Great Britain, South Africa, South America and the Orient.  

In the 1970’s and 80’s Sheraton Hotels looked to Mr. Compo for his expertise in coordination the entertainment in their major rooms throughout North America.

Dennis Compo has always been acknowledged for his ability to select and oversee teams of  “Hands On” writers, arrangers, production designers, choreographers, and directors for all his projects, giving each and every one of his shows, a consistent “High End” result every time. His strict attention to detail in all facets of the entertainment business was well observed with the television music series, “By Invitation Only”. This thirteen week series featured some of the biggest names in Country Music and once again displayed the Compo design that the industry has grown to expect. Dennis was my Vice President for 8 years.

Les Vogt – The World Famous  LEGENDS OF ROCK & ROLL 



           Dennis Compo – President of Ashlynd International

                “By Invitation Only”  Thirteen Week Series

Featuring T.Graham Brown, one of the best names in Country Music at the time. Also to name some other Entertainers: Earl Thomas Conley, Desert Rose Band and The Forester Sisters to name just a few

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Dennis Compo by MIKE TATE
D. Compo / Date 2000

I have know Dennis Compo for nearly thirty years and it is no surprise to me that he has been able to combine his collective advertising and communications skills to create a company with the vast marketing potential of ASHLYND INTERNATIONAL.

When I first met Dennis he was an accomplished corporate advertising manager with a strong creative graphic arts back ground, Never satisfied with just one occupation he also parlayed his skills as an accomplished professional musician, then to start a talent booking agency, booking stars into such venues as Las Vegas and Atlantic City and as far a field as Japan, Brazil and China.

Always looking for the leading edge in technology and with an early respect for the ability of computers to manage tour data he was the first talent booking agent to use a computer program to set all his tour dates;  A program incidentally that he wrote himself in the most ‘un-computer friendly’ of all platforms DOS and that was back in the late seventies!

Dennis always resented the restrictions and limitations of the corporate world ”It’s so confining that it stifles the spirit of free thought”  “A number of my acts are earning a great income from royalties,” he once said to me. “Money from something they wrote and recorded once just keeps coming in, it’s amazing!”

It was about this ti
me that he was introduced to the concept of ‘Network Marketing’ and he immediately understood the tremendous power and opportunity of the royalty style of ‘residual income’. Dennis has since been a top earner in for major network marketing companies. When I asked him about the reason for his success he once told me; “It’s the way you treat people and how you communicate with them that matters most”.
It has been over twenty years since he set foot in an office on a daily basis to conduct his business: he enjoys the freedom of working wherever his computer was at the time, be it an office,  a car,  a coffee shop or even a beach!.

Dennis, who’s accomplishment have involved such diversity as producing ten one hour television programs featuring international stars to developing the computer in its infancy for efficient data management, has now combined all his skills to bring us a new genre of business enterprise.

Dennis Compo Marketing Group” is the sum total of all my experience and I firmly believe in the future of the internet and affiliate marketing. It is the best use of this extremely powerful medium that I can think of and it will give great financial freedom to those who can use it effectively.”

Dennis maintains and I agree with him. His concept of linking marketing creativity, residual income and commissioned sales to the internet and the tremendous power of ‘relationship marketing’ is very intuitive and a concept whose time is not even realized save for those who can read the future trends in business and commerce. 
Creativity in marketing and the ability to help others in there journey through life sum up for me the man I have know for more time than I care to think about.

Mike Tate Vancouver/ Palmer Jarvis DDB Advertising Agencies & Direct Mail Advertising Service.

    THE FIRST ELVIS IMPERSONATOR IN THE WORLD               Managed and booked by Dennis Compo for 10 Years

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My Network Marketing Years 

The concept of “Network Marketing I  immediately understood”, that was because of the tremendous power and opportunity of the royalty style income in the Music Business. I was in that business for over 25 years before I sold the company.
I have since been a top earner in four major network marketing companies.
Many friends and business associates were leaders that I have meet from around the world in the Music and MLM Industries. 
I was the President, Vice President and Business consultant to many MLM companies over 9 years.
However the past three years I have spent most of my time learning about the online marketing systems and have been Identifying systems for use in the MLM Industry.
Dennis Compo
President of Dennis Compo Marketing Group
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